Space Rotes

Finder (Space ●/Covert/Knowing, Signifying) This spell analyzes a sympathetic connection, revealing the distance and direction to the connection’s endpoint. The spell’s Potency must at least equal the caster’s sympathetic distance to the sought-after target to point the caster in the right direction and afford a reliable estimate of how far the target is, such as “hundreds of miles” or “within a block”; twice that much Potency allows the mage to exactly learn the subject’s location. This spell can immediately pinpoint targets already in sensory range and therefore at zero sympathetic distance, making it useless to hide in plain sight or rely on disguises.

Internal Compass (Space ●/Sensory/Unveiling) While this spell is active, the caster has perfect positional and spatial awareness. They have an infallible sense of direction, an intuitive sense for true north, and the ability to pinpoint position if they’re in a general area they’ve used this spell in before.

Measure Sympathy (Space ●/Sensory/Knowing) Each scrutiny success rolled for this spell allows the caster to determine the strength of the subject’s sympathy to something else in the— scene, or to something the caster is familiar with.

Sense Displacement (Space ●/Sensory/Unveiling) This spell attunes the caster’s kinesthetic sense to space itself, allowing them to feel exactly when, how far, and how fast they’re moving. Mages with sharp memories can perfectly gauge their absolute positions relative to their last known location.

Straightedge (Space ●/Covert/Signifying) This spell draws a perfectly straight line at any angle to the horizontal through space itself, such that even Sleepers can intuitively follow it. It can therefore subtly help to aim projectiles, guide construction projects, or otherwise measure the world.

Fortify Sympathy (Space ●●/Covert/Perfecting) This spell opposes effects that would damage or destroy the caster’s sympathy to other things, but doesn’t prevent the natural decay accompanying estrangement or the erosion that results from forcible use.

Perfect Aim (Space ●●/Covert/Perfecting) This spell boosts the beneficiary’s aim with projectiles of any sort. Anything thrown, launched, or fired by the beneficiary of this spell unerringly hits its target so long as the shot attempted is feasible at all.

Scrying (Space ●●/Covert/Ruling, Unveiling) This spell allows the caster to watch and listen to a target from afar. Area factors determine how much of the target’s surroundings can be perceived and how far from the subject the caster can place their vantage point; with no area factors, only a zone about an arm’s length around the target can be observed. While the spell is sustained, the caster can observe the target and shift their perspective within the allowed area. At sensory range, Scrying allows a mage to observe surrounding things from any angle, but the spell is usually cast with sympathy factors to spy on distant targets.

Veil of Privacy (Space ●●/Covert/Veiling) Commonly stretched over an area and anchored in an inscription, this spell blocks attempts to scry on its targets.

Apportive Junction (Space ●●●/Vulgar/Weaving) This spell brings a point in sensory range and with a clear path to the caster to within arm’s reach. A mage might use it step across a canyon or throw a punch across a street. Even if only sustained momentarily, the resulting warp still allows a close pursuer a chance to dive through or a distant foe the chance to hit back.

Briar Patch (Space ●●●/Vulgar/Fraying) This spell creates a zone of unstable space, dealing bashing damage resisted by Defense to living or otherwise fragile things moving through it. The zone lasts for as long as the spell is sustained, and characters caught inside suffer on each of the caster’s turns unless they’ve stayed completely still on their own.

Scramble Field (Space ●●●/Vulgar/Fraying) This spell conjures a zone of jumbled space that randomly redirects things passing through it. Someone walking slowly can course-correct enough to navigate the field, but runners and bullets are liable to go flying unpredictably. Without area factors, this spell’s effect only stretches across a window or small doorway.

Vector Juggernaut (Space ●●●/Vulgar/Weaving) With a severe consequence, This spell maintains its subject’s direction of motion regardless of outside forces. Friction, gravity, and solid obstacles can still slow or stop a target, but not turn it, so runners skid helplessly into walls and thrown rocks drift off in perfect lines. This spell might be a damaging attack or a control effect depending on its use.

Demon Claw (Space ●●●●/Vulgar/Patterning, Unraveling) This spell equips the caster with hellish weaponry forged of warped and sharpened space. It normally manifests as claws that allow for vulgarly boosted Brawl attacks with a +5 Edge at any target in sensory range, but Firearms and Weaponry-appropriate variants exist. Whether boosted or Shaped, these attacks tear apart the space their target physically occupies, inflicting lethal damage. The spell’s Potency is also contested by Resolve + Gnosis; on a normal consequence, the target’s sympathy to the caster improves by one step, and on a severe consequence the caster and target are also spatially linked such that each remains able to see and reach the other as long as the spell lasts. A newly linked target replaces an older one by default, but target factors can allow the spell to forge multiple links at a time.

Escape to a True Friend (Space ●●●●/Vulgar/Patterning) This spell teleports the subject, usually the caster, to a person the subject has an intimate sympathetic connection to. Despite its name, the spell works on friends and foes alike, although unwilling targets – whether unwilling to be teleported, or unwilling to be teleported to – can resist the caster’s appearance with Gnosis + Resolve and block the teleportation unless a severe consequence is achieved.

Imprison (Space ●●●●/Vulgar/Unraveling) This spell traps the subject in a bubble of isolated space, immobilizing them in an unseen prison whose walls can’t be crossed in either direction.

Dimensional Axis (Space ●●●●●/Vulgar/Unmaking) The caster overlaps one or more locations non-destructively, folding places together such that raw will and intention decide which if any are solid to a present character. This might allow one door to reach any of a building’s rooms or one space on a shelf to hold a library’s worth of books.

Manifold Presence (Space ●●●●●/Vulgar/Making) The caster projects themselves across several spaces, whether near or sympathetically distant. They decide which instances of themselves are solid in any turn and which others are insubstantial observers; only solid instances can cast spells at sensory range, and when the spell ends one solid instance becomes the real mage. Projections of the mage don’t have to mirror each other’s actions exactly, but always act in synchronicity to single, coherent ends.

Space Rotes

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