10/13/2017 – cleared up some inconsistencies about oblations. i’m pretty sure that you use gnosis + resistance attribute as the dicepool, and get successes + 3 + hallow rating points of mana for your trouble

9/15/2017 – rolled defense is back baby

2/29/2016 – only death 3 and spirit 3 are required to materialize ghosts/spirits; prime 4 no longer makes solid mana on its own, and prime constructs are made of weaving prime + other appropriate arcana; prime 4 dematerialization allows for rapid travel along leylines but inhibits perception of the non-symbolic

1/18/2016 – clarified what rank of time lets you look at the future in what kind of way; rewrote a few of the rules about brushing past people who are trying to stop you while in combat

11/2/2015 – added a ton of stuff about use of conjunctional arcana, altered the requirements behind making an imbued item a bit

10/16/2015 – capped simple inscriptions at 1wp/+1 tenacity; clarified and strengthened the language re: death 2 and spirit 2’s ability to give direct orders to their respective ephemeral subjects

8/17/2015 – cleaned up the wording of Conestoga 1, which i added earlier in august but forgot to log; as well, moved a few things about Malkavia around, clarified a little about Prism’s predictive capabilities, and buffed Mirror by making it grant more information to each participant and interfere with the subject’s sins for the scene even if the subject forces their own Malkavia into dormancy right away

7/31/2015 – cleaned some defunct defense-related merits out of the merits list

7/24/2015 – specified that sources of extreme trauma can deal full lethal to vampires and werewolves

7/5/2015 – changed coil of soul 3 to give you more willpower and expand the size of your pool; slightly clarified and eased the restrictions on granting special powers to created beings

6/26/15 – made explicit that the blush of life enables life-faking, food-eating, and drug-taking all in one, slightly cleaned up wording on the first coil of flesh; specified that blush of life, heightened senses, and similar persistent powers with downsides don’t shut off instantly; specified timing and applicability for Mind of the Inscrutable Hydra

6/20/15 – made Trained Observer a single two-dot merit that gives rote action on all perception rolls; increased the cap on held Intimacies from Resolve to Resolve + 3; added a special intimacy to the pack for all werewolves; changed Awe to an unrolled modal ability that gives bonuses to both the vampire and subjects for certain actions

5/9/15 – allowed victims of lucidity 4 to sin appropriately against the user’s humanity if the user’s in crisis, but specified that such sins result in down-the-road willpower loss; specified that Resolve rolls don’t trigger Malkavia, and that exceptionally successful Int or Wits rolls made to escape Malkavia don’t re-trigger it

5/6/15 – clarification that damage caps are applied before armor, resilience, etc; removal of the minor action limit on using protean to shapeshift on one’s own combat turn; putative buff/alteration for werewolf gift “Scent of Taint (Insight 2)”; moved blood sorcery changes to the ‘specific powers’ post and specified that blood sorcery can augment vampires as well as ghouls and natural creatures

2/16/15 – further clarification as to the order of operations applying comparing armor/celerity/etc. to boosted attacks or other sources that deal rolled damage with an automatic floor; in general purely-automatic successes in excess of the attack roll are cancelled by armor directly, while rolled successes redundant with the guaranteed minimum successes are “real” and so only downgraded, if affected at all

2/15/15 – slightly changed and clarified how shaped/boosted attacks interacted with resistance so as to make shaped attacks enjoy the same minimum damage as boosted attacks; against boosted attacks, mage armor now cancels autodamage FIRST and then downgrades the rest

2/15/15 – made triggering your virtue restore a willpower dot, and specified that armor protects against defense-piercing autodamage as well as downgrades normal attack damage

2/9/15 – clarified that a frenzied vampire also gets rote action on stuff

2/7/15 – tentative return to resisted Defense for non-Shaping attacks, which means changes to core combat rules, Defense calculations, Celerity, and the effects of mage armor. as of current writing, pure Shaping attacks are still contested by a Defense + Wits roll. also, the 5-point damage cap now only applies to supernatural creatures. also, vampire blood buff is now 1 vitae for +BP to all physical actions and 8-again on those actions for a whole round

2/1/15 – complex inscriptions now give free area factors to the spells they sustain

12/7/14 – flattened oblation mana yield; non-legacy mages roll (stat or gnosis) and get successes + hallow rating + 3; legacy mages roll (stat + stat+[1 for each gnosis dot after 5]) and get successes + 3 mana. also fixed some wording on signifying forces

10/1/14 – made it so wp for bonus dice, vitae for bonus physical dice, and mana for shaping rolls all grant the rote action rule to the appropriate pool in addition to adding whatever dice they normally add; changed the Attunement gift to activate as an automatic part of spending WP to attack

9/3/14 – specified that replacing an old crisis with a new one doesn’t reset the failure count

8/15/14 – overhauled improvised spell costs and shaping; shaping now has a flat cost and always gives you your maximum dicepool, but that flat cost grows if you’re improving common or inferior spells. expending shaping potential always gives you your maximum shaping pool, but gives you minimum shaping successes equal to the points spent. as well, shaping vulgar spells always adds your gnosis to the paradox pool. as well, demesnes give you a per-turn shaping refund instead of a per-scene casting-or-shaping refund. accordingly, maximum mana is back down to corebook levels. also, learning arcana is easier

7/12/14 – clarified that it takes multiple mages to overlap multiple active inscriptions of the same kind, but loosened some restrictions on inscription collaboration in general; now multiple mages can help to write and benefit from the same complex inscription

7/9/14 – clarified that destiny can restore any lost willpower dots, specified that you don’t get destiny points back for suffering harm that you use destiny to wick away

6/23/14 – put in GMC-style rules for vampires and werewolves downgrading conventional damage to bashing, noted that covert magic doesn’t bypass this but vulgar does, specified that the werewolf gift Crushing Blow deals supernatural lethal

6/22/14 – added some rotes to prime, fate, and forces/life

6/16/14 – clarified how knowing, weaving, and patterning prime deal with encryption

6/8/14 – added rules for arcanum advancement to new “character advancement” page

5/30/14 – made it official that you can use covert magic of any kind to affect beings in twilight or to affect solid beings while you’re in twilight, but that vulgar magic always requires or creates reciprocity; added notes to aether and primal wild well as the moros, obrimos, and thyrsus writeups to reflect this

5/17/14 – fixed a typo in the Thyrsus writeup; fixed a mistake in the workspace writeup, added the ability to sum Gnosis to determine the size of a shared personal workspace

5/4/14 – renamed celestial fire to celestial spark, added a celestial fire rote to prime, added a cloak rote to forces

4/24/14 or thereabouts – clarified the mechanics by which knowing or signifying space can learn information about faraway subjects

4/19/14 – clarified weaving life and simplified writhing blood chains technique; added rules for the duel arcane and the appropriate prime rote; moved ability to reveal banes/bans/etc down from ruling to signifying

4/18/14 – added ability to design overlapping, simultaneously functional atlantean inscriptions

4/11/14 – added functionality to mind arcanum such that it can be used to cause hallucinations, translate communications, etc, without formally targeting one or more characters and otherwise being real cumbersome

4/7/14 – rewrote prime arcanum, also added functionality to knowing mind and ruling/perfecting space, but moved the ability to cast hold person up to weaving space

4/4/14 – you can prioritize your attributes according to power/finesse/resistance instead of mental/physical/social if you want now

4/4/14 – cut down the illusion stuff to some brief reminders, clarified how a few Death practices apply to ghosts

4/2/14 – remembered this page exists and so mentioned that i added a section about investigating illusions to the primal wild post. prime rewrite is underway also

1/15/14 – rewrote resonance scrutiny and occultation merit; you now pick up resonance in the course of using knowing, rather than as a separate action, and rather than learning one adjective per success you can pick up increasingly fainter “scents”

I forget when – posted this pile


The Act of Hubris Ferrinus