Forces Rotes

Emphasize Charge (Forces ●/Covert/Signifying) This spell renders electrical charge and current obvious to bystanders, marking live wires and electric fences with an air of tangible power that even Sleepers can pick up on and avoid.

Free-Body Diagram (Forces ●/Sensory/Knowing) Concentrating on an object or being, the caster learns what mechanical forces and pressures are, in combination, holding it in place or moving it about. Each success answers a question about the subject. This spell can identify load-bearing walls or reveal unusual peaks or absences of pressure, and might boost attempts to destabilize or maintain precarious static equilibria.

Heat Vision (Forces ●/Sensory/Unveiling) The mage can see by heat as well as light. They can navigate pitch black rooms and spot people from miles away in cold places, but see little beyond an undifferentiated glare in hothouses or calderas.

Trademantra (Forces ●/Vulgar/Signifying) The mage grants energy their imprimatur, marking it as ‘theirs’ and as subject to their will. Light and sound are overlaid by the nimbus, becoming associated perceptually by the spell; it might seem that a television’s static pulses in tone with their voice, or that lightning strikes when they mention… The Castle.

90 Arm (Forces ●●/Vulgar/Perfecting) This spell protects the forces at work upon a projectile from the effects of air resistance, friction, and any other principle of the physics of the fallen world that would degrade or impede them. Practically speaking, the projectile’s range is constrained only by the mage’s line of sight. This spell does not improve the mage’s accuracy, however; she still has to be skilled enough to hit the target, and suffers the usual penalties associated with aiming for a specific part of her target at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Access Computer (Forces ●●/Covert/Ruling) This spell forces a computer system to yield immediate access to its internal workings, ignoring any passwords, administrative confirmation, or other security measures that would normally be required. The spell must actually be cast on the machine to be accessed and so needs conjunctional Weaving Space to work remotely.

Conserve Warmth (Forces ●●/Covert/Perfecting, Ruling) This spell prevents heat from diffusing from its source. It can keep things warm in frigid environments, but can also overheat machines or people in warmer surroundings, potentially hindering concentration and stamina while dealing direct bashing damage.

Mighty Blows (Forces ●●/Covert/Perfecting) This spell hones and sustains the energy of the beneficiary’s violent bodily motion, boosting attempts to punch, batter, or otherwise smash opponents and obstacles.

Psychic WiFi (Forces ●●/Covert/Unveiling, Ruling) This rote allows its caster to browse the internet with their mind by piggybacking existing wireless signals. The magic contorts datastreams to the caster’s desire and parses digital responses, allowing a mage to watch videos, send emails, or argue on forums wherever they are.

Roaming Coverage (Forces ●●/Covert/Unveiling, Ruling) As long as the caster’s in an area with any kind of cell phone coverage, they can use this spell to make and receive calls (or other data sent through telephone signals, such as text messages or photographs) telepathically, hearing someone’s voice or seeing someone’s text or images and responding with any audio or visual inputs a telephone could support.

Thermal Stasis (Forces ●●/Covert/Perfecting, Ruling) While this spell is sustained, its subject will maintain their current temperature, neither giving up heat to the surrounding environment or taking any in, operating as a self-contained system. It can protect a person or animal against extremes of temperature (boosting their rolls to resist such environmental hazards) as well as keep objects however hot or cold they were when it was cast.

Usurp Speech (Forces ●●/Covert/Veiling) Resisted by Resolve plus Gnosis, this spell hijacks a target’s voice, allowing the caster to determine what the target’s spoken words actually sound like. As long as the caster can sustain the spell, they decide what actual words the target is heard by others to say when they next speak, albeit with the same length, volume, and cadence as the original message would have had. A severe consequence means the caster has complete control, while a normal consequence hinders rolls for the target to speak, producing the caster’s intended message on failure.

90 Control (Forces ●●●/Vulgar/Weaving) This spell allows total control over a projectile in flight, acting on the forces that move it through the fallen world as the mage sees fit and boosting rolls to hit targets.

Cloak (Forces ●●●/Vulgar/Weaving) This spell bends light around its subject, allowing them to move about near-invisibly. At high rates of movement, the subject is visible as a displaced shimmer in the air of roughly their size and shape. When standing still, the subject is perfectly invisible. Since light’s bent around the subject, the subject themself can’t see by normal means; mages benefiting from this rote usually use other magic to navigate by heat or sound, or else cast a version of the spell that leaves their eyes visible. This spell affects only the way light interacts with the subject itself; it will not muffle footsteps, mask scent, or disguise any trail left behind. This spell is typically sustained at covert aspect after being cast as vulgar.

Falling Up (Forces ●●●/Vulgar/Weaving) Everybody knows that gravitation is a force that attracts physical bodies in space to one another. What a mage casting this rote supposes is: maybe it isn’t? With this spell they can divert the underlying forces that bring objects falling down and bend those forces to their will, pulling those objects in whatever direction the caster chooses.

Knockout Blow (Forces ●●●, Life ●●/Covert/Perfecting, Weaving) Usually cast as a minor action immediately prior to a physical attack, this spell ensures that the target is cleanly and safely incapacitated by the blows of the caster or another target. Bashing damage attacks are boosted, but never cause damage to wrap around to lethal or produce lasting health complications even in particularly fragile or infirm targets. If the subject’s Defense against the boosted attack is weak enough that this spell’s Potency is applied directly, an important target’s Stamina roll to remain standing in the face of bashing damage is hindered on a normal consequence and flatly denied on a severe consequence.

Muffle Impact (Forces ●●●/Covert/Fraying) This spell dulls the sounds of footsteps, falls, punches, or other collisions, boosting attempts to go unheard. The distance a listener would need to be to hear an affected sound at all is divided by the spell’s Potency, and within that range impacts sound softer and less drastic.

Searing Spear (Forces ●●●/Vulgar/Perfecting, Weaving) This spell pulls a target fire into the caster’s hands and shapes it into a lethal weapon that boosts attacks made with it. The spear also radiates heat, dealing its Potency in bashing damage to everything in arm’s reach but the caster. If thrown, the spear sticks in place until its caster retrieves it, scorching everything around it.

Unseen Shield (Forces ●●●/Covert/Fraying) This spell armors the subject against kinetic trauma, whether from falls, punches, or gunshots.

We Get Signal (Forces ●●●/Covert/Weaving, Ruling) This spell turns the mage who wears it into a broadcasting station for cell phone signal, allowing them to place and receive telephone calls through sheer force of will. Unless the mage is in a place physically inimical to carrying radio waves (such as a lead box or buried under tens of feet of solid stone), they can always place a call and will always have flawless reception.

Flash Freeze (Forces ●●●●/Vulgar/Unraveling) This spell freezes a victim in place and deals them 3 lethal damage on each of the caster’s subsequent turns. The initial casting and continuing damage are contested by Stamina + Gnosis, and the victim breaks free if they ever resist the damage completely.

Geothermal Power (Forces ●●●●/Covert/Patterning) This spell converts ambient heat into electrical energy, fueling a targeted electrical device. Mages commonly use Atlantean runes to stretch the spell across their sanctums.

Nimbus of Power (Forces ●●●●●/Vulgar/Signifying, Making) This spell materializes the caster’s nimbus as an aura of raging, destructive force. It deals lethal damage to anything in arm’s reach, offers a boost and +5 edge on close combat attacks, and boosts the caster’s Defense by repelling any incoming attacks that have physical components. The aura’s emanation can be shaped to allow for stable hovering and powered flight, allowing the caster to rocket to anywhere in sight with an instant action and keep pace with supersonic jets outside of combat time.

Nullify Impact (Forces ●●●●●/Vulgar/Unmaking) This spell renders the subject totally immune to large-scale impact. Collapsing ceilings, miles-long falls, and vigorously-wielded sledgehammers are equally meaningless to the magic’s beneficiary.

Forces Rotes

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