Matter Rotes

Map Material (Matter ●/Sensory/Knowing) The mage envisions the three-dimensional shape of a substance they can perceive. This spell can pinpoint gaps in seemingly solid walls or the hollows left by swimmers in water. The caster always learns the total size of a contiguous sample of material, but requires size factors to accurately envision an object larger than a car.

Sense Poison (Matter ●/Sensory/Unveiling) This spell detects poisonous substances, whether dripping from a snake’s fang or swirling in a proffered wineglass.

Transmutation Marks (Matter ●/Vulgar/Signifying) This spell charges matter an aspect of the caster’s nimbus, causing it to bear a lingering sign of the caster’s power. This imprint can be used to imply that wholly natural events were the caster’s doing.

Anytime Armor (Matter ●●/Covert/Perfecting) This spell quietly fortifies clothing, boosting the wearer’s Defense against conventional attack.

Fastidiousness (Matter ●●/Covert/Ruling) This spell prevents dirt, water, and similar sources of muss from adhering to the subject’s body or possessions. Substances aren’t directly repelled, but never seem to stick and either dry rapidly or brush off easily. A version of this spell incorporating Life ●● also protects against germs, mosquitoes, and other clinging biological nuisances.

Fool’s Gold (Matter ●●/Vulgar/Veiling) This spell disguises common metals as pure gold, granting them the appropriate hue, shine, and overall appearance, but doesn’t change the metal’s other properties. The altered appearance lingers as an aftereffect.

Ghost Ride (Matter ●●/Vulgar/Ruling) This spell seizes a motorized vehicle, allowing the caster to start its engine, turn its wheels, and otherwise drive or pilot it remotely. The spell’s Potency opposes attempts by the vehicle’s actual driver, if any, to regain control; normal Drive rolls are made to direct the vehicle.

Knock (Matter ●●/Covert/Ruling) This spell ensures that a mechanical lock will lock correctly, or yield when forced. Typically the caster themselves will perform the physical act of opening or closing the door or lid, though this spell can render locks malleable to anyone’s effort if the caster wishes.

Gremlin King (Matter ●●●/Vulgar/Fraying) With this spell, gears grind, belts snap, and sparks fly. The caster forces machines and mechanical tools to jam, malfunction, or otherwise fall into chaos. This spell hinders attempts to employ the machine productively, and on a severe consequence can render the machine nonfunctional until it’s been repaired.

Liquid Wall (Matter ●●●/Vulgar/Weaving) This spell shapes a volume of liquid into a standing wall. While sustained, the wall can be moved, pushing characters around or striking them with bashing damage. Tenacity opposes attempts to breach the barrier, and the size to which the wall can be stretched without losing effectiveness is limited both by spell factors and available liquid.

Weaken Wall (Matter ●●●/Covert/Fraying) This spell undermines the integrity of a solid barrier, making it as easy to break as if it was rotten or poorly made. Thick walls of steel or stone might still require equipment or machinery to defeat.

Disintegrate (Matter ●●●●/Vulgar/Unraveling) This spell breaks material down to dust, destroying most scenery and dealing direct lethal or aggravated damage to animate targets. A version of this rote incorporating Life ●●●● affects living and nonliving targets alike.

General Anaesthesia (Matter ●●●●/Covert/Patterning) This spell transmutes the air into a combination of gases designed to induce abrupt and painless unconsciousness. As an attack spell, it deals bashing damage to breathing targets which can’t wrap around to lethal, and if the mage scores a severe consequence aganist a target’s Stamina, the target falls unconscious immediately.

Ritual of Transmutation (Matter ●●●●/Vulgar/Ritual Patterning) This ritual transmutes an amount of uniform material into any substance desired.

Essence of Adamant (Matter ●●●●●/Vulgar/Making) This spell renders a target inanimate object or volume of solid matter totally rigid and literally unbreakable, such that no earthly amount of violent or chemical attack can so much as abrade its surface. This spell can trap people in their own clothing or allow rice paper walls to deflect tank shells.

Vitrify (Matter ●●●●●/Covert/Unveiling, Unmaking) This rote erases the visibility of targeted matter, rendering it totally invisible to any spectrum of light. It can enable characters to spy through walls, smuggle weapons or valuables, or lay undetectable traps.

Matter Rotes

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