Mind Rotes

Read Emotion (Mind ●/Sensory/Knowing) A mage using this spell can scrutinize the mind of another, learning one emotion the target is feeling per success and boosting the mage’s mundane uses of Empathy. Usually, scrutiny successes need to exceed the target’s Composure before the mage can learn of deeply buried or consciously suppressed feelings.

Sense Sapience (Mind ●/Sensory/Unveiling) A mage with this spell intuits immediately whether or not something they perceive is sapient. Humans that don’t read as sapient might be illusions or zombies, while animals or objects that do might be shapeshifted or possessed.

Significant Look (Mind ●/Covert/Signifying) This spell sends an honest impression of the caster’s feelings or intentions to its target. It’s usually used to silently clue allies in on the fact that the mage is lying, or to draw another’s attention to something that the mage doesn’t want to visibly acknowledge.

Clarity (Mind ●●/Covert/Perfecting) This spell sharpens the character’s focus and attention span, boosting Initiative, perception, and any attempts to shake off confusion or befuddlement.

Eschew Sleep (Life ●●, Mind ●●/Covert/Perfecting, Ruling) While sustained, this spell frees its target from the need to sleep and boosts resistance against any soporific influences. The beneficiary still needs rest and sustenance to recuperate from fatigue, but never need lose consciousness while recharging. Since recovering Willpower requires actual sleep, overuse of this spell can prove psychically if not physically or mentally taxing.

Falsify Monologue (Mind ●●/Covert/Veiling) This spell doesn’t block telepathic contact, but does cause mage’s surface thoughts to appear to be either blank, indistinct, or an idle and contentless ramble.

Makes You Think (Mind ●●/Covert/Ruling) A target who fails to resist this spell finds their thoughts consumed by some inane idea of the caster’s. Their attempts to think or argue on unrelated topics are hindered while the spell is sustained, as is their perception.

Mantle of Serenity (Mind ●●/Covert/Perfecting, Ruling) This spell overrides all emotions and imposes on the target a feeling of totalizing calm. It boosts rolls that depend on clear-headedness, rolls to control one’s emotional responses, and defenses against supernatural emotional control.

Memory Shield (Mind ●●/Covert/Perfecting) While sustained, this spell contests effects that would deny the subject access to their memories, whether by hiding them temporarily or rewriting them all together.

Trust Me (Mind ••/Covert/Ruling) Targets of this spell are compelled to believe the caster’s words. Any statement which they do not already know to be false, they will accept as true. Although the target will later rationalise their own acceptance of outlandish claims, telling them a lie too implausible could induce disbelief in Sleeper witnesses – or it could simply be irrelevant if you’re already in a firefight.

Authorized Personnel (Mind ●●●/Covert/Ruling, Weaving) This spell causes the subject to perceive the caster or another target as someone duly authorized to be present or pass by. The subject believes claims to legitimacy made by the beneficiary and hallucinates that badges, cards, or other forms of identification actually look the way they need to. This spell produces lasting memories in its subject, but can’t overcome any prior knowledge the subject may have of the beneficiary.

Don’t Mind Me (Mind ●●●/Covert/Fraying) This spell prevents its target from forming long-term memories of something or someone for as long as it’s sustained. On a normal consequence, memories of the protected thing are vague and unremarkable, while on a severe consequence they don’t form at all. Casters most commonly name themselves as the thing that targets of this spell are prevented from forming memories of.

Telepathic Conversation (Mind ●●●/Covert/Unveiling, Weaving) While this spell is sustained, the caster and all the spell’s targets can communicate wordlessly with each other. Unwilling targets resist with Resolve + Gnosis, but don’t necessarily realize they’ve been affected and therefore don’t realize that they’re broadcasting their surface thoughts for others to hear.

Force Suicide (Mind ●●●●/Vulgar/Patterning, Unraveling) Resisted by Resolve, this spell directly damages its target by forcing them to stab themselves, dive into traffic, or otherwise harm themselves with whatever’s on hand.

Forge Confederate (Mind ●●●●/Covert/Patterning) Subjects of this spell are compelled to aid the caster without revealing their new allegiance. Normal consequences boost or hinder appropriate actions, while severe consequences totally conscript the subject.

Psychic Reformation (Mind ●●●●●/Vulgar/Ritual Making, Unmaking) This spell permanently rebuilds its subject’s mind. It can be used to undo brainwashing or repair psychic damage, but can also effectively obliterate its subject to create an entirely new person in their place.

Savant Syndrome (Mind ●●●●●/Covert/Making) This spell grants its subject superhuman computational capacity, allowing them to perform with a moment’s thought calculations that would normally require hours or days of a machine’s processing time.

Mind Rotes

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