Spirit Rotes

Intuit Wants (Spirit ●/Sensory/Knowing) This spell reveals what a scrutinized object, place, or abstraction “wants” to do, revealing the subject’s most immediate and pressing desire and finding subtler urges with further scrutiny successes.

Predict Spirit (Spirit ●/Sensory/Knowing) This spell reveals what kind of spirit a scrutinized subject would likely produce given its resonance and properties. Each success answers a question about the spirit’s powers or proclivities and can therefore provide indirect clues as to the subject’s nature. If the subject already has an independent spirit, this spell indicates that creature’s likely starting properties but not how it’s grown and changed with time.

Speak With Spirits (Spirit ●/Covert/Knowing, Signifying, Unveiling) This spell enables the caster to perceive independent spirits in Twilight and to communicate with them despite language barriers. The spirit of the caster’s words is translated rather than the definition, so this spell hinders attempts by either party to lie through omission or semantics.

Whispered Wants (Spirit ●/Covert/Signifying) This spell causes a subject’s essence to wordlessly broadcast its immediate desires. Even Sleepers can pick up without quite knowing why that a car needs an oil change or a movie yearns for applause.

Bloodthirsty Weapon (Spirit ●●/Vulgar/Perfecting) This spell awakens the essence of a killing weapon, boosting attacks made with the weapon but hindering attempts to use it for anything but inflicting lethal damage. Mages who don’t want their whips to writhe like vipers or their guns to exhale licks of flame learn a covert version of this rote.

Invisible Hand (Spirit ●●/Covert/Veiling) This spell conceals the telltale marks of an ideology, governing principle, or overarching agenda in a target’s activity, hindering attempts by others to discern motives or predict results. It’s useful in casing buildings or spreading unpopular ideas.

The World Remembers (Spirit ●●/Covert/Knowing, Ruling) This spell bids a subject’s spirit to recall and recount past experiences. Each point of Potency answers a question about the target’s past, but filtered through the subject’s perceptions; a video camera might remember things it’s seen, but a boulder remembers things it’s crushed or been pushed by. If the subject has an active and present spirit, this spell puts it and the caster in contact; on a severe consequence, the spell compels testimony of past experiences, and on a normal consequence the spell boosts attempts by the caster to interrogate.

Beacon (Spirit ●●●/Covert/Perfecting, Weaving) This spell draws residual Essence from the caster’s environment and shapes it into a sort of rally flag. Spirits of matching resonance can perceive the beacon for miles and interpret it as a summons, but can choose whether to respond. If the caster has Essence on hand, they can imbue it into the beacon as an incentive, allowing whatever spirit that responds first and fits certain specifications to collect the Essence. The caster chooses whether the beacon is visible on either side of the Gauntlet or both as they cast the spell.

Impose Conformity (Spirit ●●●/Covert/Perfecting, Weaving) Resisted by Composure, this spell stretches the essence of an organization or culture to cover someone nominally within its scope, compelling the subject to act in the spirit of whatever abstraction they’ve fallen into the clutches of. This spell enforces the norms of an organization as it’s actually evolved, not been nominally described, so it’s very rare that the magic compels honesty or benevolence.

Muzzle Spirit (Spirit ●●●/Vulgar/Fraying) Contested by Resistance and Rank, this spell hinders a spirit’s attempts to consume Essence and might boost the resistance of the spirit’s prey. A severe consequence totally blocks the target’s Essence intake. Covert versions of this rote exist for use against weaker spirits.

Touch the Spirits (Spirit ●●●/Covert/Unveiling, Weaving) While sustained, this spell allows its subject to perceive and tangibly interact with spirits in Twilight, whether through conventional means or supernal magic. It bleeds out into the subject’s clothing and equipment, so the beneficiary can both shoot a spirit with a gun or find their clothes shredded by a spirit’s claws. Sleepers that see the subject wounded, pushed around, or carried by invisible forces almost certainly Disbelieve the effect.

Vengeful Guardian (Spirit ●●●/Vulgar/Perfecting, Ruling, Weaving) This spell awakens, focuses, and materializes the spirit of something that’s been recently damaged or undermined, incarnating it as furious monster that attacks whoever or whatever did its substrate harm. The creature deals lethal damage and can boost its creator’s attack and defense if it and they cooperate on the offensive. The creature is capable of turning on its caster, but can be dismissed just as any other sustained spell. However, this magic does enhance the efforts of any already-existing spirit to make its displeasure known, whether or not to the caster’s advantage.

Withstand Competition (Spirit ●●●/Covert/Fraying) This spell protects against the rigors of formal contest, whether athletic or intellectual. It boosts resistance against fatigue or exhaustion, and might enhance the subject’s performance in direct tests of endurance.

Digest (Spirit ●●●●/Vulgar/Patterning, Unraveling) This spell tears a spirit apart, contesting Resistance + Rank, dealing Resistant Lethal damage and converting each point of Corpus damage into a point of free-flowing Essence of a character determined by the caster. This spell is used when fighting alongside or on behalf of spirits, converting enemies or intruders into safely consumable Essence for ally spirits or shamans.

Rout (Spirit ●●●●/Covert/Unraveling) This spell breaks the morale of a group of belligerents, souring their will to fight and eroding their discipline. Rolls to command, lead, or inspire affected targets are hindered, while rolls to cow, scatter, or demand surrender from affected targets are boosted. A severe consequence against Composure might cause a target to flee or surrender outright, while lingering consequences render it difficult for the group to re-form or for affected targets to take up arms in that cause again.

Shunt Sideways (Spirit ●●●●/Vulgar/Patterning, Unraveling) If its Potency exceeds the local Gauntlet rating, this spell translates its target across the Gauntlet. Unwilling targets resist with Composure; on a normal consequence, they’re partially phased out and become both tangible to Twilight spirits and hindered in any attempts to perceive or exert force on the world they would have left.

Subvert Mandate (Spirit ●●●●/Covert/Patterning) This spell inverts the methodologies of a movement or organization, such that its stated aims are the same but its material goals are reversed. Firemen fuel or start fires in the name of public safety, schoolteachers foment disobedience for educational purposes, and auditors aid in bureaucratic subterfuge in order to keep everyone involved happy. While sustained on an individual or over an area, this rote produces dramatic shifts in behavior, but it’s more commonly cast as a ritual with many area factors so that its aftereffects create subtler but much longer-term changes.

Go Viral (Spirit ●●●●●/Covert/Ritual Making) This spell imbues the seed of an idea with vigor and fecundity, causing it to spread with incredible speed and force. The caster determines through their ritual Imago and sacrament how the idea is to develop and what kind of influence it’s to exert on its hosts, but should expect the meme to eventually take on a life of its own. Used deftly, this ritual can spawn entire spirit courts or social movements.

Pangaean Meld (Spirit ●●●●●/Vulgar/Unmaking) If its Potency exceeds the Gauntlet rating in its area of effect, this spell erases the presence of the Gauntlet entirely and causes the physical and spirit worlds to merge into one. Material terrain fuses smoothly with its Shadow counterpart and all spirit and material beings become equally solid and able to interact. Ephemeral creatures other than spirits become as solid as they would be in the normal Shadow. When a character leaves the spell’s boundaries, or when the spell ceases to be sustained, the character’s Composure plus Gnosis is rolled; if the rolled successes exceed the spell’s Tenacity, the character is left in the world of their choice. Otherwise, they’re deposited wherever the caster wants them to be.

Spirit Rotes

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